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The Development of Multicultural Based Teaching Materials on the Observation Report Text for Student of Grade X SMA Negeri 1 Silinda
Nurhasanah Permata Sari Sembiring, Prof. Dr. Khairil Ansari, M.Pd., Dr. Mutsyuhito Solin, M.Pd.

Postgraduate Education of Language and Literature Indonesia
State University of Medan


This research aims to produce learning materials based on multicultural material text report observations on the students of class X SMA Negeri 1 Silinda. Research methods the research method used was the development of a Research and Development (R D &) which refers to the model of the Borg and Gall. Validation of the product consists of two expert material and two expert product design. The subject of this research trial consisted of 3 students to test individuals, 9 students to test small groups and 32 students to field test is limited. Data about the quality of product development is collected with the now. Development of research results indicate that: (1) validation of expert material covering the eligibility of the contents with 90.62% average on the criteria very well, the feasibility of serving with 90.90% average on the criteria very well, and the linguistic aspect with an average 89.58% criteria very well. (2) validation of learning materials design experts with an average of 89.58% criteria very well. (3) response of teachers with an average of 87.50% criteria very well (4) trials of individuals with average 79.62% on good criteria, (5) small group testing with an average 84.25% on good criteria, (6) limited field test with an average of 90.19% on the criteria very well. This proves that the development of learning materials-based multicultural viable, easy and effective use on text learning reports observations in the high school class of X.

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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