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The effect of Cooperative Learning Strategy and Interest in Learning against Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)’s Learning Result of Second Class Students in Senior High School.
Riswan Sianturi

Department of Education Tehcnology
Postgraduate Porgram
Universitas Negeri Medan
Medan, Indonesia
email : riswansianturi4[at]


This study aims to: (1)know the students’ ICT ability that was learned with jigsaw and discovery learning strategy, (2)know the students’ ICT ability that have high and low learning interest, (3)know the interaction between learning strategy and interest in students ICT ability . The population of this study are eleventh grade students in Negeri 1 Tanah Jawa and Negeri 1 Hutabayuraja class of2016/2017 which amounted 496 students. Sampling was done by cluster random sampling and got first eleventh grade sciencein Negeri 1 Tanah Jawa High School as jigsaw learning strategy’s experimental group and third eleventh grade science inNegeri 1 Hutabayuraja High School as discovery learning strategy’s experimental group. The study used quasi experimental method with 2X2 factorial design. The dependent variable is ability, the moderator variable is interest and the independent variable is learning strategy. This study was conducted with three stages: (1)measuring interest with psychology scale, (2)implementing learning with bothlearning strategy, (3)observing students ICT ability with observation instrument. Data analysis techniques which was used are two-way Anova at significant level (&#945;=0.05) then followed by Scheffe test. The results of hypothesis testing are: (1)The average score of students’ ICT ability that were taught by jigsaw learning strategy(56.03) higher than discovery learning strategy(51.09) with Fcount(9.77)>Ftable(3.49), (2)The average score of students’ ICT ability with high learning interest(56.37) higher than discovery learning strategy(50.70) with Fcount(45.02)>Ftable(3.99), (3 )There is an interaction between learning strategy andinterestto students ICT ability with Fcount(10,005)>Ftable(3,99).

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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