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Development of Explanatory Text Materials Based on Problem Solving in Senior High School Pematangsiantar
Tiarma Nova Intan Malasari., Biner Ambarita., Malan Lubis.

Postgraduate Program in Indonesia Language Education
Universitas Negeri Medan


Problem solving method is not just a teaching method but also a method of thinking, because in problem solving can use other methods starting with looking for data to draw conclusions. The development of this problem solving text-based explanatory learning module is structured pro grammatically in a systematic order and meets the characteristics to support students in learning. This study aims to find out product development in the form of explanatory text learning module based on problem solving for senior high school students. The last test subject of two Indonesian subject matter experts, two design instructional experts, three students for individual testing, nine students for small group test and thirty-two students for field test. The data on the quality of this development product is collected by questionnaire which shows the test of material experts with very good category, excellent design test experts, excellent quality individual test, excellent small group test and the final assessment of field test with excellent quality, test results the effectiveness of students learning to use learning-based module of problem solving is shown by the result of data processing obtained by t-test. Thus, the development of instructional materials in the form of learning modules on explanatory text learning is very feasible, easy and effective to used on explanation text learning in senior high school.

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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