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Development of Mathematics Learning Tools Based Van Hiele Model to Improving Spatial Ability and Self concept Students of MTsS Ulumuddin
Zulfahmi, Edi Syahputra, Kms. M. Amin Fauzi

Department of Mathematics Education, State University of Medan


Abstract - This research aims to: (1) obtain valid learning tools, practical and effective, (2) know how to improve the spatial ability and self-concept of students by using learning tools developed. The research was a development research. The development model was used 4-D model consisting of four stages, namely: defining, designing, developing and distributing. The results of the defining stage was used to design the learning tools, then the draft of the design was validated and tested to know its effectiveness. The valid, practical and effective learning tools was distributed to the MGMP forum. The study to test trials was conducted on the class VIII of MTsS Ulumuddin. Test trials 1 conducted on the class VIII-2 and test trials 2 was conducted on the class VIII-3. Based on the results of the development it’s showed that: (1) The valid learning tools developed with the total average validity of RPP’s score was 4.50, Student Book’s score was 4.30, Master Book’s score was 4.30, and LAS’s score was 4, 40; (2) The practical learning tools developed showed based on students’ activities within the prescribed tolerance limits; (3) The effective learning tools developed can be seen based on from the students learning completeness in the classic, and achievement of learning objectives of at least 80% (4) The average achievement of students spatial ability in the first test was 3,15 increased to 3,51 in trial II; and (5) The average achievement of students self-concept trials I was 3.03 increased to 3.16 on trial II.

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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