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Innovation of Media VCD Instructional Pencak Silat for High School
1. Marli Perangin Angin, 2. Imran Akhmad and 3. Agung Sunarno

Graduate Student of Sports Education
State University of Medan
Lecturer of Postgraduate Sports Education
State University of Medan
Lecturer of Postgraduate Sports Education
State University of Medan


Abstract - The success of a learning process can be seen by pulling the material delivered so that students feel happy in following the lesson. One way to achieve this is to use the media in learning. Media learning is used as a tool or an intermediary to help deliver information that will be submitted to students. Educational technological advances, and Instructional Technology demanded the use of various learning media as well as increasingly sophisticated equipment. Each teacher must understand what media will be used in accordance with the teaching materials at the time of learning so that the resulting learning becomes interesting and innovative. This innovative learning requires a growing medium and must adapt to what the school needs. Because with this media can help in learning process at school. Pencak silat which is one of the materials studied in school. The form of learning Pencak Silat done in Pencak Silat learning only using conventional methods by teachers without using media in learning. Types of media that can be used can be audio, visual, and audio-visual media. Audio-visual media can be voiceless images or videos that can be stored in VCD form. The advantage of this medium is that it can be used repeatedly until it can understand the material delivered. For that need to develop innovations in Pencak Silat learning media in the form of instructional VCD contains Pencak Silat material for the material easier to be learned by teachers and students.

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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