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Achievement Strategy Of The Indonesian National Qualification Framework Based Curriculum Generic Description Of Sport Education Postgraduate Program State University Of Medan
Muhammad Supriadi Siregar, Nurhayati Simatupang and Albadi Sinulingga

Graduate Student of Sports Education
Postgraduate Lecturer
State University of Medan


Abstrak - The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has issued Presidential Regulation Number 8 Year 2012 on the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) which is a framework for determining the level competency qualification that can compare, equalize and integrate the field of education, job training and work experience in term of giving the recognition of work competence in accordance with the structure of work in various sectors. To know the strategy of Sport Education of Postgraduate Program at State University of Medan in Generic Description achievement, then the competence to be had by the graduate of Master of Education must comply with standard level 8, learning achievement based on generic description include 1. Able to develop knowledge, technology, and / or art in his/her scientific field or professional practice through research to produce innovative and tested work; 2. to solve the problems of science, technology, and/or art in his/her scientific field through inter or multidisciplinary approach 3. to carry out a research and development that is useful for society and science, and able to get national and international recognition. To achieve the expected competencies, responded it with the issuance of Rector Decree Number 065/UN33/Kep/2016 explain there are 6 tasks in each subject including routine task, critical book report, journal review, mini research, engineering idea and project. It can be concluded that the revision of KKNI-based curriculum and the issue of tasks can train students to conduct research in order to solve problems by using science and skills.

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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