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Nur Kholilah Harahap,Nurhayati Simatupang, Albadi Sinulingga

State University of Medan
North Sumatra, Indonesia


Abstrac-Rector Decree Number 065/UN33/ Kep /2016 explains that in KKNI, students must complete 6 tasks in each subject, including routine task, critical book report, critical journal review, mini research, engineering idea and project. Information literacy is a learning process to help students do the tasks given. Literacy is considered important because today the information is discovered at a very fast rate and in various formats. Not all information is created the same, some are general commands or reliable information. But some are ambiguous, not up-to-date even misinformation. In searching for information, everyone has their own way of getting the information they need. Users are required to be able to analyze and evaluate the relevance of search results to their information needs. The relevance of search results is the level of document conformity found with the users information needs. Steps in literacy include the ability to recognize the required information, the ability to type appropriate resources, the ability to develop strategies for finding information, the ability to seek and access information, the ability to compare and evaluate information gotten from different sources, the ability to organize and use information to others in an appropriate way according to the conditions. Literacy skills must be had by every student.

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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