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Developing Reading Biography Book Material based on the Values of Entrepreneurship Education For Grade VIII Junior High School Students
Amelia Irayanti Manullang, Khairil Ansari, Tiur Asi Siburian



Abstract- The purpose of this research is to develop a reading biography book that contains entrepreneurial values to improve spirit of reading students in learning to read biographical texts. The values of entrepreneurship education consist of ten values those are commitment, confidence, cooperation, meticulous, creative, challenge, calculation, communication, competitiveness and change. These values are considered to represent entrepreneurial characters. Values are developed in the reading biography book containing entrepreneurship education values for students junior high school class VIII. This research uses Borg and Gall development method which consists of ten stages, that are (1) research and information collecting, (2) data collection, (3) develop preliminary form of product, (4) preliminary field testing, (5) main product revision, (6) main field testing, (7) operational product revision, (8) operasional field testing, (9) final product revision; and (10) dissemination and implementation. The results of this study indicate that this biography book becomes a necessity for teachers and students in the learning process. This biography book has been validated by expert team of materials and design. Material validation consists of economic material (90,35%) and language validation (97%) with very good criteria. Design validation (89%) with very good criteria. The teachers’ validation in learning process using biography book (96,5%) with very good criteria.

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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