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Developing the Quality of Higher Education Institution Based on the Accreditation of the Study Program
Abdurrahman Adisaputra, Isda Pramuniati

State University Of Medan


Currently, community’s trust and recognition on accreditation is high that the acknowledgment on the quality of higher education institution is defined by the status and rank of its accreditation. In order to manifest the transparency of public accountability, higher education institution should actively develop the system of internal quality assurance and be able to prove that the system of internal quality assurance has been implementedwell and appropriately. In proving that the system of internal quality assurance has been implemented well and properly, higher education institution should sustainably develop good governance, enforce autonomy, and establish self-development as academic institution and community’s moral power. Each higher education institution is required to perform balance tridarma (three duties) of higher education institution based on the visions and missions that are carried on. Quality control and quality assurance of higher education institution are essential to do in increasing competitiveness. Some of the references that are used as quality standards, among others, are measured from the ratio between students and lecturers, management, sufficiency of means and infrastructure, graduates competency, graduates employability, agreements, scientific projects, and teaching information system. All of those standards are mentioned in the standards of accreditation that are evaluated comprehensively upon the commitment of the study program in administering quality services. The objectives of this study are to explore the design of higher education institution quality development based on the standards of accreditation of BAN PT (national accreditation board for higher education) before and after accreditation and to examine the influence of accreditation on the development of study program in higher education institution.

Topic: Curriculum, Research and Development


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